Recycled Materials Company, Inc. (RMCI) offers more than 20 years of experience in aggregate recycling and reuse, deconstruction, excavation, environmental remediation and restoration construction.

  • Recycled Aggregate Sales
  • Disposals at key Denver locations and throughout the
    Western US
  • Portable/Mobile On-Site Recycling
  • Deconstruction and On-Site Recycling
  • Environmental Construction and Remediation
  • Civil/Heavy Highway Construction
  • Recycling Consultation
  • Engineering & Design Consulting

RMCI’s deconstruction services utilize Value and Application Engineering to ensure cost effective projects and material reuse. RMCI combines on-site recycling with deconstruction services to produce specification aggregates which can be reused on the project.

RMCI services and products contribute to USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building certification and other green project applications.

Stapleton Parking Structure WORK SUMMARY
RMC was the successful low-bidder for the last remaining Stapleton Parking Structure. In recent years, the structure has been used by RTD as a park-n-ride facility to serve the surrounding area. Due to a recent spark in the economy, Forest City (the property owner) has decided to have the structure demolished to make way for new residential development. Working with Mortenson Construction (Construction Manager for Forest City), RMC will team with LVI Environmental Services for the razing of the approx. 1.7 million square foot structure. In order for RMC to wreck and recycle the entire structure, LVI will remediate a non-regulated asbestos containing asphalt coating present on approximately half of the existing parking deck. Once clean, RMC will take down the structure using conventional demolition methods and haul all rubble to the RMC Stapleton Recycle Center for processing and re-use.

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