Recycled Materials Company, Inc. (RMCI) seeks to aid waste stream minimization while assisting clients, architects, engineers and designers meet budgetary and sustainability goals. RMCI has engineered more than 20 quality products from the recycled aggregate generated from deconstruction projects or at RMCI’s key Denver-area recycle centers. All RMCI recycled aggregates meet or exceed current municipal, state and federal specifications.

Applications include:

  • Construction

    • Road Base
    • Coarse Aggregate
    • Pipe Bedding
    • Structural Backfill
    • Vehicle Tracking Rock
    • Recycled Ready-Mixed Concrete
    • Soil Amendment
    • Under Slab Bedding
    • Drain Rock
    • Washed Aggregate
    • RAP (Recycled Asphalt Products)

  • Landscaping

    • Landscape Stone
    • Stackable Landscape Stone
    • Soil Amendment
    • Colored Aggregates
    • Drainage Rock
    • Trail Surfacing
    • Washed Aggregate

  • Environmental Remediation

    • Coarse Aggregate
    • Soil Amendment
    • Cap & Cover for Landfills

Download RMCI’s Application Guide here

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