Stapleton International Airport, Runway Removal & Recycle
"World’s Largest Recycle Project"
Owner: Stapleton Development Corporation
Denver, Colorado

RMCI performed the demolition and removal of 6.5 million tons of concrete and asphalt hardscape at the former Stapleton International Airport in Denver, CO. Upon removal, materials were stockpiled for processing into specification recycled concrete and asphalt aggregates. RMCI began removals in July of 1999; taking six full years to complete. Per RMCI 's contract with the city of Denver , crews and the remaining stockpiles of recycled hardscape will remain on the Stapleton site until July of 2009, or until all recycled products have been sold.

Recycled concrete and asphalt from Stapleton has been reused in countless Colorado state and municipal road projects, at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal , and within the Stapleton Redevelopment.

Former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Redevelopment
Owner: Orange County Great Park Corp.
Irvine, California

RMCI through a sustainability partnership with Orange County Great Park Corporation and the development firm Lennar Corporation, will remove and recycle runway, taxiway, concourse maintenance and loading facilities at El Toro totaling 3.5 million tons of Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) and asphalt. Materials will be processed and re-used on the site as part of the re-development effort.

Sustainability through re-use is a key goal of the El Toro project.
All materials will be re-used onsite by the developer and the Orange County Great Park Corporation for private and public development projects on-site including more than 3,400 homes and various commercial sites. This type of re-use reduces and, to some degree, eliminates truck traffic to and from the site and eliminates a huge burden on area landfills.

The El Toro project represents an opportunity for the partner participants to employ state of the art recycle methods to achieve the highest levels of sustainability through re-use. This project will serve as the premier model of re-use for large re-development projects throughout the country.
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